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Please Pass the Indie

"'Spirit' is a timeless song ready to be a classic...True to their signature originality, Cardboard Rocketship isn’t happy with standard formats or paint-by-number music; instead, they draw outside the lines and write material that has surprises and complexities....'Spirit' has folk-award winner written all over it."

Indie Spoonful

"Cardboard Rocketship is a group you can stumble into and fall in love with.  With strong Americana and folk feel-good vibes, engaging instrumentation (who would have guessed the banjo and the cello could sound so good together!), inviting vocals, down-to-earth stories and energy to burn, Cardboard Rocketship will surely blast off in the folk scene and around the world."

Americana Highways

"Brooklyn-based Coardboard Rocketship creates punctuated, jangly dreamy indie folk...It will be fun to watch Cardboard Rocketship climb up through the ranks of the music community — it’s sure to happen."