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Will Davis

Roxanne Quilty
Vincent Cinque

Tallie Gabriel

Will Davis grew up with his four brothers in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's been writing music since he was really bored playing outfield in his 7th grade baseball game and wanted to entertain himself. Nothing brings him more joy than playing on stage sharing music with people he cares about...and petting cats.


Vinny Cinque is from Long Island, New York and has been performing since he was in diapers in the living room. Luckily, he's been fortunate enough to break out of the living room and onto the stage that is NYC. Outside of the Rocketship, Vinny is an actor, a family man, an iPhone doctor, and an all around fun loving guy...but nothing brings him the joy that exploring the unknown on this Cardboard Rocketship does. www.vincentcinque.com

Roxanne Quilty is originally from New Hope, Pennsylvania. She's been performing since she was very young, but thinks it was likely her three glorious months in an AC/DC cover band during middle school that got her officially hooked. Ask her about her dog or cat or why she thinks turmeric might be the key to immortality and you'll be fast friends. Performing with the ship is when she is her absolute happiest. 

Tallie Gabriel is a cellist, writer, and occasional actor who hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. Through music and storytelling, she's constantly in search of "gezellig," the Dutch idea of the cozy, warm feeling that comes from sharing unplanned bliss with other people. Being a part of the Ship is this feeling times a million forever, and she hopes our music will make you feel that, too.