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Behind the Music

Cardboard Rocketship is a Brooklyn-based folk group comprised of Will Davis, Vincent Cinque, Roxanne Quilty, and Tallie Gabriel. Formed in 2018, they perform regularly in and around NYC (Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, City Winery, The Bowery Electric, Berlin Under A, among others). Influenced by the likes of The Avett Brothers, The Head and the Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and countless others that have come before them, they bring earnest emotionality, introspection, heart, and optimism to their music and storytelling. Their stirring melodies, crisp harmonies, and snappy lyrics will make you believe in your heart's ability to love harder, beat faster, and dream brighter.




Cardboard Rocketship - 'Spirit'

"'Spirit' is a timeless song ready to be a classic...True to their signature originality, Cardboard Rocketship isn’t happy with standard formats or paint-by-number music; instead, they draw outside the lines and write material that has surprises and complexities....'Spirit' has folk-award winner written all over it."

Cardboard Rocketship - "Portraits"

"Cardboard Rocketship is a group you can stumble into and fall in love with.  With strong Americana and folk feel-good vibes, engaging instrumentation (who would have guessed the banjo and the cello could sound so good together!), inviting vocals, down-to-earth stories and energy to burn, Cardboard Rocketship will surely blast off in the folk scene and around the world."

Cardboard Rocketship - 'Hyacinth'

Brooklyn quartet Cardboard Rocketship released their debut full-length this past Friday, and trust us: it is super fun, engaging, and more than worth your 40 minutes. The Rocketship style takes a few tracks to wrap your brain around: a dynamic combination of folk, country, bluegrass, blues, ‘70s pop, and indie rock. The group carries off elaborate swings between reference points effortlessly, conversationally passing lines both humorous and heartbreaking back and forth between its four vocalists, who are each distinctive in their own right. When they come together for pealing group harmonies, the classic country and bluegrass appeal comes through. Whether you like the Avett (or Stanley) Brothers, Gillian Welch, modern country like Little Big Town, classic country like the Carter Family, or clever indie-pop like Lake Street Dive and The Head and the Heart, you’ll find something to latch onto on Hyacinth.

PREMIERE: Cardboard Rocketship Details the Imminent Passing of Time in New Single “Bittersweet”

“Bittersweet” creates a state in mind in which you’re overcome with emotion, knowing you need to keep this moment in your memory for years to come. However, you’re too in your mind to truly enjoy the moment in the first place.

With 11 tracks to explore, Cardboard Rocketship’s hard work pays off with delightful harmonies and charming acoustic arrangements, as their debut album showcases a range of tempos and styles and playhouse storytelling all the way through.

Brooklyn-based Cardboard Rocketship creates punctuated, jangly dreamy indie folk, and “Dream” is the centerpiece of their sound.  “Is there nothing I can do to make this broken lonely life come back together?” and the perpetrator of pain is longing for solution and forgiveness.

Meet the Band

Will Davis

Will Davis (vocals, banjo) grew up with his four brothers in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's been writing music since he was really bored playing outfield in his 7th grade baseball game and wanted to entertain himself. Nothing brings him more joy than playing on stage sharing music with people he cares about...and petting cats.

Vinny Cinque

Vinny Cinque (guitar, vocals) is from Long Island, New York and has been performing since he was in diapers in the living room. Luckily, he's been fortunate enough to break out of the living room and onto the stage that is NYC. Outside of the Rocketship, Vinny is an actor, a family man, and an all around fun loving guy...but nothing brings him the joy that exploring the unknown on this Cardboard Rocketship does.

Roxanne Quilty

Roxanne Quilty (vocals, ukulele) is originally from New Hope, Pennsylvania. She's been performing since before she could form coherent sentences; her mom says she often found her singing alone in her crib. You can decide if that's cute or creepy. Ask her about her animals or why she thinks turmeric might be the key to immortality and you'll be fast friends. She feels so lucky to have found such wonderful collaborators and a second family in CBRS.

Tallie Gabriel

Tallie Gabriel (cello, vocals) is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. She's a professional writer and poet and is a little bit obsessed with pursuing stories of human connection, pirates, and the word "whomst" (not a real word). You can follow the teachings of her advice corner on our Instagram. CBRS is the best thing to ever happen to her and she means that.



Interview: Cardboard Rocketship Talk About The Release Of The Official Video For “Baking Soda”!

This talented group have been creating waves within the music scene since forming together in 2018 & have just released the official video for the track “Baking Soda”.

Cardboard Rocketship has taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution about their latest release.

Album Premiere: Cardboard Rocketship’s “Hyacinth”

Song Premiere: Cardboard Rocketship’s “Dream”

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